RAPAEL Smart Kids - Digital Rehab Solution

Interactive Home Hand Rehabilitation for Kids

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Registered by FDA
Registered by FDA

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RAPAEL is a digital rehabilitation solution used worldwide, including U.S, Europe, and Asia.
Revolutionary rehabilitation device specifically for children
Revolutionary rehabilitation device specifically for children

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Exercises and toys for kids with Cerebral Palsy and other motor challenges

RAPAEL Smart Kids is a rehab device disguised as a fun toy that kids will love to play with. RAPAEL Smart Kids keeps kids wanting to exercise and participate in rehab by playing games that they enjoy!

Physical and occupational therapy exercises for kids with cerebral palsy

Using RAPAEL Smart Kids increases overall range of motion by enhancing exercise effectiveness allowing for more independence with daily tasks such as dressing, eating, throwing and catching balls.

Physical and occupational therapy activities for children with cerebral palsy

Physical therapy can be difficult for a child with cerebral palsy, but with the RAPAEL Smart Kids it is still possible to play games like a normal child while also doing your physical therapy.

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