Dec 17, 2018
Technology Continues to Evolve to Allow for Increased Independence After a Spinal Cord Injury
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Technology Continues to Evolve to Allow for Increased Independence After a Spinal Cord Injury
Although modern medicine has not yet found a way to cure paralysis, modern technology is starting to bridge the gap.
Mirror Therapy
Stroke exercises: Using Mirror therapy and mirror neurons
Mirror therapy is an easy and low-tech therapy technique. It’s essentially a therapy that tricks your brain into thinking that the weakened hand or arm is m
Can E-Stim Help Jumpstart Your At-Home Rehabilitation?
Gentle electrical stimulation(Estim) has been used for years in therapy clinics to help retrain the connections between the brain and the body.
Daily Rehabilitation
10 Tips From an Occupational Therapist on How to Stay Committed to Stroke Recovery at Home
Here are 10 tips that help you stay committed to stroke recovery program at home for successful healing after a stroke.
Rehab Toys
Toys that are also rehab tools: secret rehabilitation benefits for kids with hemiparesis
Hemiparesis, or weakness on one side of the body comes with unique challenged and often requires lifetime therapy. So we introduce you toys that are also re
Wearable Hand Robot
How the NeoMano Can Help You Become More Independent After a Spinal Cord Injury
Life after a spinal cord injury can sometimes feel a little hopeless because you have to rely on someone else for everything, even simple everyday tasks.
Portable Home Therapy
Portable Home Therapies for Stroke Rehab Anywhere
In order to work towards getting better after a stroke, it’s important to incorporate therapy into your daily routine, even after you leave the hospital. An
Stroke Recovery
5 Ways Games Can Increase Brain Health After Stroke
Did you know games can help increase your brain health? We think that’s pretty cool too! Keep reading to find out how...
Dropfoot Management
What does a drop foot brace do?
Are you contemplating to buy a drop foot brace? Here is the check list you need to consider before buying one.
Left Sided Stroke
5 Symptoms of a Stroke on the Left Side of the Brain
Every stroke is different and will affect people differently based on the severity. The left hemisphere of the brain can cause the following 5 symptoms.
Right Sided Stroke
5 Symptoms of a Stroke on the Right Side of the Brain
A stroke might look different depending on which side of your brain it affects. Here are common symptoms caused by a right sided stroke.
Daily Rehabilitation
Exercises for each stage of Stroke recovery
With the abundance of stroke-related research, it’s important to remember that every stroke, just like every person, is different! Here are some examples.
All about Brain
All about the Brain: Brain Structure, Common Diseases, and Injury Prevention
The brain may be small but it is the most important organ in human body. Let's see how to prevent various brain injuries.
Caregiver Tips
Psychological Care after Stroke
Depression and anxiety are common side effects experienced by stroke patients. Psychological care is more about understanding and offering timely support.
Brain Function
Exercise after Stroke: for Brain Function and Mental Healthiness
Why You Should Exercise After a Stroke: A research concluded that 45 minutes to an hour of moderate-to-vigorous exercise was good for the brain.
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