Arm & Shoulder Home Exercise for Stroke Patients with Smart Board for Home "NextGen"

Smart Board for Home "NextGen" - Digital Rehabilitation Solution

Arm / Shoulder Exercise for Stroke Patients through Interactive Home Rehabilitation Solution

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Registered by FDA
Registered by FDA

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The way that the training is structured, I know that I can work hard for 3 minutes or 5 minutes and then move on to a new game, so it is easy to stay motivated.

Kay K.
Kay K.
NEOFECT Smart Board Overview
NEOFECT Smart Board Overview

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Create your customized program with our artificial intelligence algorithm.

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Smart Board for Home "NextGen️" for Arm and Shoulder Exercise for Stroke Patients

Smart Board for Home "NextGen️" is a high-tech medical device that is accessible to any patient experiencing limitation to functional movements due to damage in their shoulder or elbow joints to improve the functional arm reaching ability.

Smart Board for Home "NextGen️" for Arm and Shoulder Exercise for Stroke Patients

With even a small amount of motion, a user can work on retraining reach

Stroke patients can carry out substantial arm / shoulder / elbow joints rehabilitation using training games with the board, which automatically adjust in level of difficulty according to the user’s progress allowing for personalized exercise.

arm exercise for stroke patients through Smart Board

Shoulder exercises for stroke patients at home

Perform key arm exercises similar to what your physical or occupational therapist would prescribe, but with the added benefit of having them integrated with fun, captivating games.

Shoulder exercises for stroke patients at home

Provides goal-directed support and guidance for a personal home exercise program

It is important when recovering from hemiplegia to do your rehabilitation exercises consistently. Repetition is key to regain mobility, and is a major aspect of the NEOFECT Home program. The artificial intelligence algorithm suggests a program to best suit the user’s current abilities.

Provides goal-directed support and guidance for a personal home exercise program

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