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Biofeedback System
Robotic Hand
Is Biofeedback or a Robotic Hand Better for Rehabilitation After Stroke: a Therapist's Perspective
A stroke is caused by either a blockage of a blood vessel or bleeding in or around the brain, which results in a lack of oxygen to the brain and the death of brain cells. The residual physical effects of the loss of brain cells will depend on the area of the brain that was affected.
Biofeedback System
How Can Biofeedback Jumpstart Your Stroke Rehab Program?
“Biofeedback can train a stroke survivor to move more naturally.” says Dr. Richard L. Harvey, “medical director at the Rehab Institute of Chicago.
Children Hand Rehabilitation
Children’s Hand Rehabilitation by Playing Games ‘RAPAEL Smart Kids’
The RAPAEL Smart Kids combines wearable biofeedback devices and software to improve the recovery process for patients with central nervous system disorders.
Digital Rehab
Top 3 Benefits of Digital / Outpaient Stroke Rehabilitation & Virtual Reality
Learn about top 3 benefits of digital / outpatient stroke rehabilitation and virtual reality. Read more about virtual reality and occupational therapy.
Hand Rehabilitation Training
How Stroke Patients Can Do Hand Rehabilitation Training by Playing Games at Home
By combining hardware to aid the body movements and software to design appropriate brain therapy program, patients can do hand rehab training continuously.