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Registered by FDA
Registered by FDA
2017 CES Innovation Awards
2017 CES Innovation Awards
2018 CES Innovation Awards
2018 CES Innovation Awards
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AARP Champion Awards
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MedTech breakthrough awards
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Popular Science Awards
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RAPAEL is a digital rehabilitation solution used worldwide, including U.S, Europe, and Asia.
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The smart glove has been an innovative, exciting and accessible way to continue therapy at home. There have been noticeable improvements in my right hand’s movement.

Jess M.
Jess M.
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CNN - This smart glove turns physical therapy into a game
CNN - This smart glove turns physical therapy into a game

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Proven outcomes through clinical trials by Stanford Medical Center

Neofect Glove: Virtual Reality Device for Home Therapy in Stroke Survivors, Neurology (2018) P5.007

“All patients agreed that they liked the glove and most of them were strongly satisfied with their overall experience. ...patients can use the Neofect device for home therapy with high satisfaction and, in most cases, satisfactory compliance.”


The most widely read and highly cited peer-reviewed neurology journal.

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Mobility and Brain Training in the Comfort of Your Home

RAPAEL Home takes tedious rehab exercises and infuses them with fun and interactive games, creating a custom exercise routine that fits your condition and adapts as you progress with your treatment.

Best way to do brain exercises for stroke recovery

RAPAEL HOME helps your brain & muscles exercise simultaneously to expedite the rehab process. RAPAEL HOME ensures that while you are doing your exercises physically, you are still engaged cognitively.

The ability to do stroke treatment at home

One of the greatest benefits of RAPAEL HOME is the ability to do your rehab from home every day. The greatest pathway to recovery is repetition & with RAPAEL Home you have access to your exercises on your schedule!

The pathway to recovery from hemiplegia

It is important when recovering from hemiplegia to do your rehab exercises consistently & get into the habit of repetition. Repetition is key to regain mobility, and is a major aspect of the RAPAEL Home program.

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