Rehabilitation at Home
Mirror Therapy
Stroke exercises: Using Mirror therapy and mirror neurons
Mirror therapy is an easy and low-tech therapy technique. It’s essentially a therapy that tricks your brain into thinking that the weakened hand or arm is m
Rehab Toys
Toys that are also rehab tools: secret rehabilitation benefits for kids with hemiparesis
Hemiparesis, or weakness on one side of the body comes with unique challenged and often requires lifetime therapy. So we introduce you toys that are also re
Portable Home Therapy
Portable Home Therapies for Stroke Rehab Anywhere
In order to work towards getting better after a stroke, it’s important to incorporate therapy into your daily routine, even after you leave the hospital. An
Home Health Service
3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Home Health Services
Many people do not fully understand what home health entails, why they qualified and how long they are eligible for these services.
Stroke Recovery
How To Measure Stroke Recovery Properly
Consistent participation in rehabilitation can be hard to sustain, often because it is difficult for patients to notice progress as it is happening.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence(AI) Healthcare and Customized Rehabilitation
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare is emerging as next-generation technology, bringing fundamental changes to one's lifestyle like stroke rehabilitation.
Stroke Rehab
5 Stages of Your Stroke Rehab Progress
Stroke recovery is going to be different for everyone based on their age, where the stroke occurred, what type of stroke they had.
Rehabilitation Exercise
What are Good Exercises for Stroke Patient?
Regular home-training or exercises are beneficial for the patient’s physical and mental health.
Digital Rehab
3 Common Reasons Why Your Home Rehab Isn’t Working and How To Fix It
Therapists have identified 3 main reasons why your home rehab program isn’t giving you the results you want. You can know how to fix it.
Recovery Calendar
Recovery Calendar: An Important Component of Stroke Recovery
A recovery calendar should include your participation in rehab exercises, symptoms and functional improvements that you’re noticing.
Serious Game
Stroke Rehabilitation Exercise through Gaming
RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provides customizable training for users recovering from the stroke, brain injury or hemiplegia.
Cerebral Palsy Rehab
Toys for Kids with Cerebral Palsy | Smart Kids
Find out how to trun a toy into a therapy experience for kids with cerebral palsy. Smart Kids is a perfect toy for kids with cerebral palsy. Learn more ab
Rehabilitation at Home
Why You Should Start In-Home Rehabilitation
Due to physical and economic constraints, having access to long term rehabilitation may not be possible. What is the alternative?
User Reviews
The Road to Stroke Recovery with RAPAEL
RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provide rehab and training through games for patients recovering from a stroke. Here are reviews of users.
Post Stroke Rehabilitation: What Does Telehealth Have to Do with It?
A recent study about post-stroke rehabilitation reported that individuals who had experienced a stroke, saw as much improvement in their mobility through te
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