Improve Movement
Can E-Stim Help Jumpstart Your At-Home Rehabilitation?
Gentle electrical stimulation(Estim) has been used for years in therapy clinics to help retrain the connections between the brain and the body.
Daily Rehabilitation
10 Tips From an Occupational Therapist on How to Stay Committed to Stroke Recovery at Home
Here are 10 tips that help you stay committed to stroke recovery program at home for successful healing after a stroke.
Cerebral Palsy Rehab
Movement and Strength of Children with Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral palsy is defined as non-progressive lesions or damages in the brain at or before birth, leading to impairments in movement and posture.
4 Tips for Combating Hemiplegia Using the Power of the Brain
Consider functional things that you can do with your affected side. Get out of the habit of moving your affected side with your "good" or non-affected side.