Hand Rehabilitation Training
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Fine Motor Skill
3 Ways to Recover Hand Motion Following Stroke
Find out 3 ways to recover fine motor skills after stroke. Smart Pegboard helps stroke patients regain fine motor skills by providing repetitive exercises,
Daily Rehabilitation
Electrical Stimulation + Smart Glove Program Yields Promising Results
New research accepted for publication by the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehab with Functional Electrical Stimulation Improves Function After Stroke
Hand Rehabilitation Training
Delicate Movements are More Effective for Changes in the Brain
Research on the brain has been conducted for a very long time. Thanks to the studies, most of us know that the brain is a very important part of our body.
Rehabilitation at Home
Stroke Rehabilitation is now Fun! Thanks to RAPAEL Smart Glove
Stroke rehabilitation is fun with RAPAEL Smart Glove. CES 2017 Innovation Award winner, AARP 2017 Champion, CNN selected 14 coolest tech products.
Rehabilitation at Home
Stroke Rehab at Home Every Day With Artificial Intelligence
You must be new to home rehabilitation! We’ll guide you through stroke rehabilitation training #At_Home!
Biofeedback System
How Can Biofeedback Jumpstart Your Stroke Rehab Program?
“Biofeedback can train a stroke survivor to move more naturally.” says Dr. Richard L. Harvey, “medical director at the Rehab Institute of Chicago.
Stroke Recovery
The Road to Stroke Recovery, Michael Eustace
I could now shake hands with confidence, and pick up things using my right hand which I thought I would never will. I feel like RAPAEL was a God sent to me.
Children Hand Rehabilitation
Children’s Hand Rehabilitation by Playing Games ‘RAPAEL Smart Kids’
The RAPAEL Smart Kids combines wearable biofeedback devices and software to improve the recovery process for patients with central nervous system disorders.
Digital Rehab
Top 3 Benefits of Digital / Outpaient Stroke Rehabilitation & Virtual Reality
Learn about top 3 benefits of digital / outpatient stroke rehabilitation and virtual reality. Read more about virtual reality and occupational therapy.
Digital Rehab
The Best Way to Record Stroke Rehab Result: Digital rehab
Anything that has not been recorded over time is forgotten. Read this post , if you want to know the best way to record stroke Rehab Result.
Hand Rehabilitation Training
How Stroke Patients Can Do Hand Rehabilitation Training by Playing Games at Home
By combining hardware to aid the body movements and software to design appropriate brain therapy program, patients can do hand rehab training continuously.