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Rehabilitation Exercise
Home Health Service
3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Home Health Services
Many people do not fully understand what home health entails, why they qualified and how long they are eligible for these services.
Exercise for Stroke Rehabilitation
Hand Exercise for Stroke Rehabilitation
A variety of exercise sequences can assist with maintaining range of motion and improving hand function following stroke.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence(AI) Healthcare and Customized Rehabilitation
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare is emerging as next-generation technology, bringing fundamental changes to one's lifestyle like stroke rehabilitation.
Rehabilitation Exercise
What are Good Exercises for Stroke Patient?
Regular home-training or exercises are beneficial for the patient’s physical and mental health.
Cerebral Palsy Rehab
Understanding Cerebral Palsy Classification levels
This classification system is useful for determining overarching areas of deficit, but can leave much to be desired when identifying a kiddos level of ...
Fine Motor Skill
3 Ways to Recover Hand Motion Following Stroke
Find out 3 ways to recover fine motor skills after stroke. Smart Pegboard helps stroke patients regain fine motor skills by providing repetitive exercises, fine motor control exercises, and repetitive task specific training.
NEOFECT: The Reason To Develop Digital Rehab Solutions for Stroke Patients and Patients with Hemiplegia
Looking for a convenient and effective rehab solution for stroke and hemiplegic patients? Meet NEOFECT's RAPAEL Smart Glove today. It is an amazing digital rehabilitation home care solution for stroke patients and patients with hemiplegia.
FAST Stroke
4 Things About Stroke - Its Concept, Symptoms, Aftereffects, Rehabilitation
About the Concept, Signs, and Aftereffects of Stroke. And you can see the best way to do rehabilitation after the stroke or brain injury at Home!