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Fine Motor Skill
Fine Motor Skill
3 Ways to Recover Hand Motion Following Stroke
Find out 3 ways to recover fine motor skills after stroke. Smart Pegboard helps stroke patients regain fine motor skills by providing repetitive exercises, fine motor control exercises, and repetitive task specific training.
NEOFECT Extender
Assistance With Finger Extension After Stroke: Introducing NEOFECT Extender
Restore grasp and release with the NEOFECT Extender. Find out today how the NEOFECT Extender minimizes spasticity and maintains functional grasp as well as prevent stiffness.
Fine Motor Skill
RAPAEL Smart Pegboard, Fine Motor Skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for Stroke
CES Innovation Award Honoree second year in a row, NEOFECT has developed Pegboard for imporiving Fine Motor skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for stroke.