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Daily Rehabilitation
Home Health Service
3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Home Health Services
Many people do not fully understand what home health entails, why they qualified and how long they are eligible for these services.
Back to School
Back to School: Keeping up with your Child’s Hemiparesis Exercises
Back to School: Keeping up with your Child’s Hemiparesis Exercises Back to school can bring a variety of challenges for any family. I can be even more compl
Artificial Intelligence
Global Trend of Artificial Intelligence Healthcare 1: U.S. and Europe
Major countries including U.S., Europe, Japan, and South Korea are focusing on policy capacities to their industrial development and investments in R&D in o
Good Habits for Stroke
Is There a Good Diet for Stroke?
What are some good foods for a stroke survivor to eat? Can you drink coffee or green tea after a stroke? What else is importatnt besides diet?
Rehabilitation at Home
Why You Should Start In-Home Rehabilitation
Due to physical and economic constraints, having access to long term rehabilitation may not be possible. What is the alternative?
The Meaning of the Name NEOFECT and RAPAEL
Do you by chance know what RAPAEL is and what it means? This post will introduce you NEOFECT and RAPAEL, the rehabilitation device for stroke patients.
Digital Rehab
Smart Rehabilitation Training Games for hemiplegia at home
NEOFECT’s RAPAEL Smart Solutions provide rehabilitation through games for patients recovering from a stroke, brain injury, hemiplegia, and so on.
Using Brain Plasticity to Supercharge Your Brain for Stroke Recovery
About Characteristics of Plasticity, Ways To Harness Plasticity, How Exactly Does Plasticity Improve the Mind, and Maintaining Plasticity
Neuro Rehabilitation
Why Neuro-Rehabilitation is Necessary for Stroke Patients
Daniel Wolpert said, "The brain was made not to think but to achieve complex, adapted movements." Do you know why he said like this?
Daily Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises at Home | RAPAEL Smart Rehab Solutions
Meet home-based rehabiltation solutions and training programs such as stroke rehabilitation exercises at home at the RAPAEL Home Blog.
Daily Rehabilitation
Left Side Stroke: The Reason Why People Should Use Their Affected Side
Find out the reason why right or left side stroke patients should use their affected side. RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solutions are developed to help left
Stroke Prevention
Help Prevent and Manage Stroke with Technology
In trying to increase stroke awareness and the resources exist for stroke survivors, there are some apps you can use to prevent and manage stroke symptoms
Daily Rehabilitation
Electrical Stimulation + Smart Glove Program Yields Promising Results
New research accepted for publication by the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehab with Functional Electrical Stimulation Improves Function After Stroke
Digital Rehab
3 Ways to Use Games for Healthcare: Stroke Rehab, Taking Medicine and Alzheimer diagnosis
Gamification is currently being applied in healthcare area, aiding patients and users to remain healthy.
Stroke Prevention
7 Ideas to Lower YOUR Risk of Stroke
At Neofect, Stroke Awareness Month is important to us. The company and our mission to bring rehabilitation technology to people in their home environments.
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