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After her stroke, Carolyn made some progress doing rehab exercises with her therapist. She thought that an at-home therapy program will help her improve even more quickly. With the help of her daughter, Carolyn found the NEOFECT Smart Board, which she uses for 30 minutes each day, and after some time, Carolyn said, "I felt I could do so much more than before."

Q&A With Stroke Surivor Carolyn

Where did you engage in rehab and how long did it take?

I was in rehab for about 6 weeks. After that I tried going to an outpatient clinic for about a year. I really liked the first therapist I got, but the ones after her walked me too much.


Why did you decide to look for additional tools for at-home rehab? Were there other devices that you purchased or considered?

I went to an OT and saw some progress, but I thought, maybe I can do better! I didn’t look at any other brands/companies. I tried the NEOFECT Smart Glove at first but my hand was too tight. I had broken my leg doing therapy at home, but I realized that I could still do arm and shoulder exercises at home with the NEOFECT Smart Board.

Where did you research rehab solutions?

My daughter looked online. My doctors were very discouraging so I was happy to hear from Becky, a NEOFECT OT, that she has seen people make progress as late as 20 years after their trauma.

When and how did you first find out about NEOFECT Smart Board?

I learned about it from my daughter. When she first told me about it, I immediately thought ‘this might be good for me.’

How easy do you feel that it was to obtain the product? How was the onboarding process?

My daughter emailed Lauren and told her we were interested after seeing the video. ‘She responded so quickly I was shocked!’ My daughter is very tech-savvy, so she didn’t have any problems setting up the Smart Board. She found the onboarding very nice with Lauren. ‘There were things that I wasn’t doing quite right… she was helpful.’


What functional changes have you noticed since you started using the product?

My shoulder stays up better, stays in place a little better, doesn’t fall down as often. After using the NEOFECT Smart Board, I felt I could do so much more than before. I am using my weaker hand more than before. I can open Coke bottles with it now and I wasn’t able to do that before.

Are you using the Smart Rehab system as often as you would like? What are the barriers, if not?

The Smart Board was an amazing tool but, unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore. I loved having it and using it in the evening once a day for 30 minutes, almost every day. I had it for 9 months but I had other things I had to do and wasn’t home as much.

What advice would you give to someone that’s thinking about coming on board with the NEOFECT Smart rehab system?

It’s great! It will make you feel that you can accomplish a lot. It gets your arm sore but boy, it’s a lot of fun! You need a lot of repetition to retrain your motor skills and with the Smart Board, you get a lot of repetition.

Has this device or approach to therapy influenced anyone else in your life? Have you used the NEOFECT Smart Board with a therapist?

I showed my therapist and husband, and also told a bunch of people about it. I really liked the Smart Board, it was really fun!

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