Feb 6, 2020
Setting Personal Goals After Stroke
Fine Motor Skill
3 Ways to Recover Hand Motion Following Stroke
Find out 3 ways to recover fine motor skills after stroke. Smart Pegboard helps stroke patients regain fine motor skills by providing repetitive exercises, fine motor control exercises, and repetitive task specific training.
Neofect ComCog: An Attention and Memory Training Tool
Meet this promising cognitive traing software. Comcog uses computer assisted cognitive rehab along with NEOFECT’s learning algorithm to guide a user through cognitive training based on their skills.
Serious Game
Stroke Rehabilitation Exercise through Gaming
RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provides customizable training for users recovering from the stroke, brain injury or hemiplegia.
Cerebral Palsy Rehab
Toys for Kids with Cerebral Palsy | Smart Kids
Find out how to trun a toy into a therapy experience for kids with cerebral palsy. Smart Kids is a perfect toy for kids with cerebral palsy. Learn more about Smart Kids.
User Reviews
The Road to Stroke Recovery with Neofect
RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provide rehab and training through games for patients recovering from a stroke. Here are reviews of users.
Fine Motor Skill
Neofect Smart Pegboard, Fine Motor Skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for Stroke
CES Innovation Award Honoree second year in a row, NEOFECT has developed Pegboard for imporiving Fine Motor skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for stroke.
Upper Extremity Function
Smart Board: Introducing Your Virtual Reach Retraining Tool
Research shows that utilizing virtual reality gaming as a therapy tool has the potential to increase a patient's engagement and motivation in therapy.
Digital Rehab
Smart Rehabilitation Training Games for hemiplegia at home
NEOFECT’s RAPAEL Smart Solutions provide rehabilitation through games for patients recovering from a stroke, brain injury, hemiplegia, and so on.
Daily Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises at Home | Neofect Smart Rehab Solutions
Meet home-based rehabiltation solutions and training programs such as stroke rehabilitation exercises at home at the RAPAEL Home Blog.
Daily Rehabilitation
Electrical Stimulation + Smart Glove Program Yields Promising Results
New research accepted for publication by the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehab with Functional Electrical Stimulation Improves Function After Stroke
Rehabilitation at Home
Stroke Rehabilitation is now Fun! Thanks to Neofect Smart Glove
Stroke rehabilitation is fun with RAPAEL Smart Glove. CES 2017 Innovation Award winner, AARP 2017 Champion, CNN selected 14 coolest tech products.
Cognitive Rehabilitation
Cognitive Rehabilitation & Digital Stroke Therapy | Neofect ComCog
Meet this amazing digital cognitive rehabilitation therapy today. RAPAEL ComCog is a cognitive rehabilitation program that helps people with stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, brain tumors and cerebral palsy so that they can benefit from brain activation and dementia prevention.
Stroke Recovery
The Road to Stroke Recovery, Michael Eustace
I could now shake hands with confidence, and pick up things using my right hand which I thought I would never will. I feel like RAPAEL was a God sent to me.
Children Hand Rehabilitation
Children’s Hand Rehabilitation by Playing Games ‘Neofect Smart Kids’
The RAPAEL Smart Kids combines wearable biofeedback devices and software to improve the recovery process for patients with central nervous system disorders.