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June Lee


June Lee is a physical therapist with experience focused on adult, within acute and specialized care setting. He is interested in technology-based home and community rehabilitation in an evolving healthcare environment in modern society. Lee is valued for strong interpersonal and interprofessional rapport building and cultural competency with a special interest in the integration of assistive and adaptive technology into client-centered care.


Korea University - Bachelor of Health (Physical Therapy)


Clinical Manager

  • Conduct daily client sessions via telehealth portal to provide consultation on process and usage of rehabilitation technology.
  • Steer staff in recurring healthcare and disability sensitivity training
  • Stimulate systems coordination and software strategic planning surrounding client experience and accessibility
  • Act as product development liaison to ensure patient-centered hardware design and ease of therapeutic application for united states users.
  • Cultivate interdepartmental collaboration regarding clinical practice strategies.
  • Collaborate with research partners as company clinical rehabilitation expert connection.

Korea University Hospital
Physical Therapist   |   Neuro-Vascular Care Unit

  • Provide physical therapy services at a 1,000-bed facility within ICU, acute, short and long term rehabilitation units, while maintaining over 85% productivity
  • Assess, order, fabricate and augment, orthotics adaptive equipment, DME, seating systems
  • Utilize assessment tools including, EMG, goniometric measurements, MMT, Borg scale, VAS and numeric pain scale.
  • Conducted a large group, inter-facility, interdisciplinary training on topics including transfers therapeutic positioning, orthotics, and self-feeding techniques

Chapel Welfare Hospital
Physical Therapist   |   Rehabilitation Therapy Unit

  • Evaluated the functional capabilities of adult and senile with physical disabilities resulting in activity limitations and participation restrictions
  • Planned and administered therapy treatments directed toward increasing upper/lower extremity range of motion, muscle strength, coordination of movement; gait control, and independent participation in activities of daily living
  • Constructed, adapted and/or recommended upper/lower extremity splints and durable medical equipment
  • Instructed patients, parents, caregivers, and educational providers on home care programs, proper handling techniques and the use of medical equipment to reinforce therapy treatment goals

Korea University
Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Created rubrics, graded class assignments, co-lead seminars, manage whole equipments, assisted in scheduling guest speakers and held office hours for the required Interactive Reasoning in Physical therapy semester course

Love Aid Welfare Foundation
Employment Training Specialist

  • Managed a caseload of 18+ adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities through personalized job development and ongoing counseling
  • Facilitated and mediated communication between employers, clients, families, and Caregivers, Asperger's Syndrome, and Apraxia

Licenses and memberships

Licensed Physical Therapist  |   Republic of Korea: #55556

Korea Physical Therapy Association

Top Skills

  • Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Assistive Technology


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