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Eun Jeong Kim is a physical therapist with experience focused on adult and kids within sub-acute, chronic and specialized care setting. She is interested in technology-based home and community rehabilitation in an evolving healthcare environment in modern society. Kim is valued for strong interpersonal and interprofessional rapport building and cultural competency with a special interest in the integration of assistive and adaptive technology into client-centered care. She has participated in the development from the beginning of the NEOFECT rehab solution.


Saehan University - Bachelor of Health (Physical Therapy)
Hallym University - Master of Physical Therapy


Clinical Manager

  • Development consultation for NEOFECT rehab solution to ensure patient-centered contents design and ease of therapeutic application
  • Stimulate systems coordination and software strategic planning surrounding client experience and accessibility
  • Cultivate interdepartmental collaboration regarding clinical practice strategies.
  • Collaborate with research partners as company clinical rehabilitation expert connection.
  • Leading “rehab college” in-house training program to share therapeutic knowledge with developing group.

Rusk Rehabilitation Hospital
Physical Therapist   |   Team Manager   |   Physical Therapy Unit

  • Provide physical therapy services at a 200-bed facility within sub-acute, short and long term rehabilitation units, while maintaining over 80% productivity
  • Assess, order, fabricate and augment, orthotics adaptive equipment, DME, seating systems
  • Utilize assessment tools including, EMG, goniometric measurements, MMT, Borg scale, VAS and numeric pain scale.
  • Conducted a large group, inter-facility, interdisciplinary training on topics including transfers therapeutic positioning, and orthotics
  • Manage therapist team to optimize mediation process and strengthen therapeutic capacity of members.

[Samsung Orthopedic Surgery Clinic]
Physical Therapist   |   Physical Therapy Unit

  • Evaluated the functional capabilities of adult and senile with physical disabilities resulting in activity limitations and participation restrictions
  • Planned and administered therapy treatments directed toward increasing upper/lower extremity range of motion, muscle strength, coordination of movement; gait control, and independent participation in activities of daily living
  • Constructed, adapted and/or recommended upper/lower extremity splints and durable medical equipment
  • Instructed patients, parents, caregivers, and educational providers on out-patient program, proper handling techniques and the use of medical equipment to reinforce therapy treatment goals

Training Course

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation(PNF) Part A&B course - KPNFA
  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment course - KARM
  • Bobath Training Course - KBA

Licenses and memberships

Top Skills

  • Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Trial
  • Assistive Technology

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