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Alison Scarpa


What do like most about being an OT?

I love that occupational therapy never loses sight of what is meaningful for clients in addition to what is practical. Helping individuals return to valued activities that they thought were impossible due to physical or cognitive limitations is always rewarding. It is fun to be involved in a profession that relies heavily on your creative problem-solving skills.

What settings have you practiced as a therapist?

  • Acute care
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Subacute rehabilitation
  • Home healthcare

Why are you passionate about Neofect products?

Technology is the future of rehabilitation, with more products and therapy services geared towards the digital user. I am thrilled to work for a company that is on the forefront of this trend, with a product lineup that makes video games fun, accessible, and therapeutic for individuals who might not be able to participate in gaming otherwise.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

My hobbies include scouring the Chicago restaurant scene, cooking, and socializing with friends and family. I’m usually playing through multiple phone or computer games at any given time.

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