Nov 12, 2018
5 Symptoms of a Stroke on the Left Side of the Brain

The brain is made up of 2 hemispheres, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Each hemisphere is responsible for controlling different functions in our bodies. For example, the left hemisphere is responsible for: logic, language skills, oral function, sequencing, linear thinking, mathematics, critical thinking, and judgement/reasoning. The right hemisphere is responsible for: imagination, art, nonverbal cues, visualization, rhythm, and intuition.

Typically, if someone tends to be more creative and artistic, people often refer to them as a ‘right-brained’ thinkers. If someone is more more analytical and mathematical, they are usually referred to as a ‘left-brained’ thinkers. Physically the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.

Left sided vs right sided stroke

Common symptoms of Left sided stroke

Every stroke is different and will affect people differently based on the severity. However, if someone has a stroke in the left hemisphere of the brain it can cause the following 5 symptoms:

1) Weakness or paralysis to the right side of the body: Weakness is caused by damage to the brain and not damage to the limb itself.
2) Aphasia: Since the left side of the brain controls language many people who have suffered from a left sided stroke may have difficulties speaking or understanding language, this is called aphasia.
3) Cognitive impairments: The left side of the brain controls critical thinking, judgement, reasoning and sequencing therefore having a stroke on the left side of the brain can cause someone to have varying levels of cognitive impairments.
4) Difficulties swallowing: The left side of the brain controls all oral function which includes chewing and swallowing. After a left sided stroke one may have trouble chewing and swallowing. One may be put on a feeding tube until they are able to relearn how to swallow or chew.
5) Visual impairments: After having a stroke on the left side of the brain it is common for someone to suffer from visual impairments in the right eye. It is common for someone to lose half of their visual field in their right eye which is called hemianopia. One may also present with neglect to right side of the body which is called visuospatial neglect.


All of the above noted symptoms of a left-sided stroke are caused by damage in the brain. In order to retrain the brain after a left-sided stroke, it is important to strengthen the neural pathways that control all of these behaviors and movements by doing repetitive exercises. The more repetitive exercises and movements one does, the stronger the pathways in the brain will become. This is called neuroplasticity.


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